Dysis Stretch Goals: [Kickstarter + PayPal]
The Beta: [est. Delivery March 2013]

Everyone who contributes gets access to the Beta when it is released. The Beta is an early release of the game featuring all of the major content, and will become the final game - so you eventually get the final game too!

The Prototype: [est. Delivery December 2012]

The Prototype represents the work you've seen so far, it is an ever changing version that I will be constantly updating. Incomplete at the moment, it will eventually become the Beta (which you recieve). You will get to see the progress made constantly and the direction of the game as it takes place. You will also receive the full copy of the final game when it is complete!

Before the Prototype, I will send out a confirmation email to gather your shipping address, desired shirt size and design(s) so that I can get these shirts to you! I will be vectorizing the designs here so they have the maximum printable quality/DPI!

Name Credit In Dysis:

Your name will appear in two places in Dysis - once in a credits section so that you can show all your friends, and again in a survival game mode. The survival game mode will pit players against endless waves of enemy robots. These waves will increase in difficulty, and everyone who has pledged for Dysis will have their name randomly chosen and shown above the attacking robots:

Dysis Stretch Goal Map: